New Zealand Taxi Communications are experts in advanced call centre technology, taxi dispatch and GPS tracking. With over 57 years experience in the taxi industry we know what's required to achieve the best results.
Offering a fully resilient 24/7 data and call centre; high level support and competitive pricing, NZTAXICOM will give you the means to revolutionize your taxi communication.
Our core business is Taxi communications. NZTAXICOM was designed and built with the taxi industry in mind. We're dedicated to making your taxi communications work more efficiently at a more cost effective level.
Our suite of products allows us to tailor a solution to suit your business needs. Whether you have a fleet of 2 taxis or 2000, whether you require a data dispatch upgrade only or require a complete overhaul of your call centre, data dispatch, internet services, and telephony, we are able to meet your needs and help you see where you can achieve greater efficiencies.
Businesses are constantly bombarded by many channels of communication and data flow, which may seem quite overwhelming. Technology is also continually improving, leaving many companies struggling just to meet the standards. Future proofing and integrating your communication and data technology will help you save time and money, whilst freeing up your employees to focus on the day-to-day running and profits of your business.
  • Efficient 24/7 Dispatch
  • Reliable equipment
  • Seamless communication
  • Cheaper call rates
  • Flexibility
  • Quieter cabs
  • GPS tracking
  • Duress monitoring
  • IT and Infrastructure
  • NZTA compliance
  • Happier Drivers
  • Happier Customers
  • Cost Savings
  • Peace of Mind
NZTAXICOM is a platinum partner for Smartmove in New Zelaand.
SmartMove is a state-of-the-art dispatching solution for taxi businesses, delivering GPS positioning technology combined with the benefit of speed and coverage of mobile phone networks. Offering fleet systems to suit any size taxi company, Smartmove provides the benefits of advanced dispatch and tracking tools.
SmartMove's Advanced Dispatch Software offers high dispatch speed and accuracy. Unlike radio-based systems that do not have the bandwidth to do so, SmartMove uses cell phone networks to track position and communicate with the base. Through integration with mobile technology SmartMove aims to maximise the speed, range and consistency of your dispatch operations - helping both drivers and operators to minimise down time and maximise customer pick-ups based on geography, job length and other factors. Drivers are safer, jobs are allocated more equitably and your business becomes more profitable.
SmartMove's integrated touch screen unit provides drivers with a central booking, meter and tracking system that is easy to operate. This mobile technology enables higher data speeds and increased reliability, whilst providing maximum support on the road through additional communication options.
Advanced Reporting SmartMove offers access to view and manage a range of tracking, booking, account keeping and customer service reports. Reports can be fully customizable to your business. This will allow you to manage your fleet more efficiently and identify areas for improvement - such as optimising your rosters or improving your training programs.
MTData has one of the world's most advanced taxi dispatch systems, built on the latest technology platforms and designed with open architecture to provide customers the greatest amount of flexibility to customise the best solution for their taxi business.
MTData's Advanced Dispatch Software
The MTData Taxi Dispatch aims to make booking a taxi as intuitive and customisable as possible. The taxi dispatch system includes Phone integration and an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR); it also offers web browser based booking tools and Smart Phone Applications. Their Open Data Interface (ODI) interacts directly with the dispatch system, providing access to common information and system functions allowing for customisation of booking platforms. MTData's hardware includes a seven inch colour touch screen and wireless keypad offering radio options, GPRS and NextG network capability as well as one touch satellite navigation.
The wireless keypad provides a back to base security alarm for drivers safety; and also advises of plot position and jobs alerts, even if out of the vehicle. MTData's Dispatch software provides fully automated payment bookings; an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) module to manage and review customers; supervisor and operator assistant features for difficult bookings; and also comprehensive tracking for lost property management.
Reliable and accurate communications are essential for an efficient dispatch process. MTData's suite of tools have been developed to assist a taxi business to increase cost effective operations.
Speak to us about how you can make MTData increase your earnings, reduce your dead running and improve your overall efficiencies.
The taxi dispatch system offers radio and/or public network (GPRS or 3G or both) communication. By utilising both methods live and simultaneously, this is another way MTData can assist the cost effective operation of a taxi business.
These functions can help by:
  • Increasing earnings
  • Reducing dead running
  • Time savings through proficient communications
Call Centre Solutions
Recent changes to NZTA rules require ATO's to have 24 hours support for cars and this means a choice between:
  • Building your own call centre;
  • Bureau with an existing larger ATO, or
  • Keeping things very simple and staying with a least cost minimum service solution.
Here the cloud-computing (data centre) model offers an additional choice for ATO's. The Cloud computing business model makes it possible for an ATO of any size to gain access to the latest taxi business solutions at a price that enables the smallest to compete effectively with the biggest. And most importantly still have and own control of their local business.
Hosting your Call Centre in the cloud eliminates the headaches and costs of implementation, support, and management of complex on-premise outdated technologies. Having a hosted solution combines technology with day-to-day expertise and best-practice consulting. This empowers you to focus on your core business. Our solutions are fully customizable to suit what is right for your business. Whether this means having your bookings taken by your own staff; using our fully redundant contact centres located in Palmerston North and Christchurch, or a combination depending on peak or busy periods.
Being linked to our contact centre also provides you with business continuity. Customers expect to always be able to call for a taxi but sometimes events outside of your control happen, which is why having a disaster recovery and business continuity plan is so important. The cost and complexity of trying to achieve a disaster recovery and business continuity plan are extensive. NZTAXICOM can help you achieve this goal at an affordable price.

Competitive calling rates
NZTAXICOM is a wholesale partner with Kordia, allowing us to provide the best solution in voice and data for your business. This partnership allows NZTAXICOM to provide a full range of network connections and we specialise in packaging up network carriage optimisation. NZTAXICOM have the experience, and ability to offer a range of competitively priced carriage services.
Taxi Wrap Advertising
Advertising on taxis is mobile communication at its best. Viewed at eye level and at close proximity by motorists, pedestrians and public transport commuters, it is the only outdoor transit format delivering total metropolitan and regional town coverage through one operator. Utilising taxi wraps will help your business get the reach and exposure higher than an ordinary outdoor advertising as taxis are always working to be where the people are. Taxis are one of the hardest working motor vehicles, delivering more time on the road, more kilometres travelled and more opportunities to view your message in more places. With competitive rates and many taxi wrapping options we can come up with the perfect solution for your business. Speak to us about how you can make the most out of your advertising.
Fleet Inspection Application
Are you struggling with your fleet inspection calendar?
Are your vehicle standards declining and are you having trouble managing improvements? Are your fleet staff frustrated with endless lists, paper reports and errors?
Are your fleet staff frustrated with endless lists, paper reports and errors?
Do you get complaints from drivers and operators about the lack of clear communication for inspections?
Want to fix this?
Fleet App Brochure.
Turn these annoying problems around and improve your fleet standards quickly. Have total control over your fleet vehicle inspection calendar, call backs, fines, reports and complaint records.
Update Mtdata in real time, in the field with no more guessing or back room changes. Link your billing system to the app and keep in touch with every driver and operator in real time through SMS and email. Install NZTAXICOM's Fleet Management System and Fleet Inspection App. Call us and enquire about how you can have the Fleet App work for your taxi business.
Install NZTAXICOM's Fleet Management System and Fleet Inspection App.
Call us and enquire about how you can have the Fleet App work for your taxi business.
Cost is relative to your needs. NZTAXICOM will provide you with a tailored package to suit your individual company's requirements. Consider that most taxi companies have a 24/7 fixed location, which includes 24/7 wages, 24/7 power, phone, stationary, and the list goes on. We can work with you to determine what your requirements are, and provide you with some possible solutions to reduce your costs significantly.
Beyond providing you with tailored packages to suit your company needs, NZTAXICOM will offer support second to none and take away the stresses of day to day running of your call centre.
What is that worth
to you?
Talk to us today about your needs.

We offer 24/7
Customer Support
Our support team are here to help operators and drivers at any time of the day or night, every day of the year. Our skilled team of technicians and software specialist are available 24/7 to walk you through troubleshooting or answer any questions you may have.We aim to minimise the disruptions to your schedule, so that you can continue to deliver a high standard of service to your customers.

Speak to us about the needs of your company. We will be happy to design a solution for your business to improve your efficiencies and save you money.

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