Recent changes to NZTA rules require ATO’s to have 24 hours support for cars and this means a choice between:

  • Building your own call centre;
  • Bureau with an existing larger ATO, or
  • Keeping things very simple and staying with a least cost minimum service solution.

Here the cloud-computing (data centre) model offers an additional choice for ATO’s. The Cloud computing business model makes it possible for an ATO of any size to gain access to the latest taxi business solutions at a price that enables the smallest to compete effectively with the biggest. And most importantly still have and own control of their local business.

Hosting your Call Centre in the cloud eliminates the headaches and costs of implementation, support, and management of complex on-premise outdated technologies.

Having a hosted solution combines technology with day-to-day expertise and best-practice consulting. This empowers you to focus on your core business. Our solutions are fully customizable to suit what is right for your business. Whether this means having your bookings taken by your own staff; using our fully redundant contact centres located in Palmerston North and Christchurch, or a combination depending on peak or busy periods.

Being linked to our contact centre also provides you with business continuity. Customers expect to always be able to call for a taxi but sometimes events outside of your control happen, which is why having a disaster recovery and business continuity plan is so important. The cost and complexity of trying to achieve a disaster recovery and business continuity plan are extensive. NZTAXICOM can help you achieve this goal at an affordable price.

Competitive Calling Rates

NZTAXICOM is a wholesale partner with Kordia, allowing us to provide the best solution in voice and data for your business. This partnership allows NZTAXICOM to provide a full range of network connections and we specialise in packaging up network carriage optimisation. NZTAXICOM have the experience, and ability to offer a range of competitively priced carriage services.

Taxi Wrap Advertising

Advertising on taxis is mobile communication at its best. Viewed at eye level and at close proximity by motorists, pedestrians and public transport commuters, it is the only outdoor transit format delivering total metropolitan and regional town coverage through one operator. Utilising taxi wraps will help your business get the reach and exposure higher than an ordinary outdoor advertising as taxis are always working to be where the people are. Taxis are one of the hardest working motor vehicles, delivering more time on the road, more kilometres travelled and more opportunities to view your message in more places. With competitive rates and many taxi wrapping options we can come up with the perfect solution for your business. Speak to us about how you can make the most out of your advertising.