MTData’s Advanced Dispatch Software

The MTData Taxi Dispatch aims to make booking a taxi as intuitive and customisable as possible. The taxi dispatch system includes phone integration and an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR); it also offers web browser based booking tools and Smart Phone Applications. Their Open Data Interface (ODI) interacts directly with the dispatch system, providing access to common information and system functions allowing for customisation of booking platforms.

MTData’s hardware includes a seven inch colour touch screen and wireless keypad offering radio options, GPRS and NextG network capability as well as one touch satellite navigation. The wireless keypad provides a back to base security alarm for drivers safety; and also advises of plot position and jobs alerts, even if out of the vehicle.

MTData’s Dispatch software provides fully automated payment bookings; an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) module to manage and review customers; supervisor and operator assistant features for difficult bookings; and also comprehensive tracking for lost property management.

Reliable and accurate communications are essential for an efficient dispatch process. MTData’s suite of tools have been developed to assist a taxi business to increase cost effective operations.

The taxi dispatch system offers radio and/or public network (GPRS or 3G or both) communication. By utilising both methods live and simultaneously, this is another way MTData can assist the cost effective operation of a taxi business.

These functions can help by:

  • Increasing earnings
  • Reducing dead running
  • Time savings through proficient communications