Our suite of products allows us to tailor a solution to suit your business needs. Whether you have a fleet of 2 taxis or 2000, whether you require a data dispatch upgrade only or require a complete overhaul of your call centre, data dispatch, internet services, and telephony, we are able to meet your needs and help you see where you can achieve greater efficiencies.

Businesses are constantly bombarded by many channels of communication and data flow, which may seem quite overwhelming. Technology is also continually improving, leaving many companies struggling just to meet the standards. Future proofing and integrating your communication and data technology will help you save time and money, whilst freeing up your employees to focus on the day-to-day running and profits of your business.

  • Efficient 24/7 Dispatch
  • Reliable equipment
  • Seamless communication
  • Cheaper call rates
  • IT and Infrastructure
  • NZTA compliance
  • Happier Drivers
  • Flexibility
  • Quieter cabs
  • GPS tracking
  • Duress monitoring
  • Happier Customers
  • Cost Savings
  • Peace of Mind